MWCCC E-Mail list

All clubs should have at least one representative subscribed to the MWCCC e-mail list.  The list messages are supposed to appear on the right side of the website but there have been repeated issues, so be sure someone on your team has joined or is following the new messages regularly.  You can find the message archive at the Google Group site.


Fall Season Planning

Planning for the mountain bike and track seasons this fall has begun.  See the messages sent to the email list for more information.


Spring Season Planning

Planning for the 2014 spring road season has started.  See the messages sent to the email list if you are interested in submitting a bid. Note the first step is due soon!


Hotels for Mizzou and Michigan Tech

There will be issues getting hotels for the Mizzou and Michigan Tech mountain bike race weekends.  Both overlap with family weekends hosted by the schools and home football games.  We typically try to avoid overlapping with home football games but that broke down this year.  You should make hotel reservations ASAP (and if you are unsure if you will need it, find a hotel with a reasonable cancelation policy.)  Michigan Tech’s team is working with the school to try to find housing vacancies but that will not be before mid-September so you are encouraged to find something now if possible.


More information will be posted to the conference email list so make sure a team representative is on that list.  Normally, the messages are shown to the right but due to some technical problems, they are not as of this posting.  You can find list messages at!forum/mwccc.


Mountain Bike Season

The mountain bike season schedule for this fall has been posted and the Ripon race flyer has also been posted for the opening race of the season.  Also note that the Marian race is to be coordinated with a conference track event allowing teammates in different disciplines to travel together.


Recruitment Fairs

USA Cycling is hosting recruitment fairs at amateur road nationals (in Wisconsin) and cross country mountain bike nationals.  This is an opportunity for team representatives to speak with junior cyclists about their school.  If any current or recent team members will be at one of those races or live nearby, it is a great opportunity to spread the word about your team.  The road nationals fair is Saturday, July 6th in Madison.  For more information, see Jeffrey Hansen’s email to the conference list.


Regionals Change

Unfortunately, the weekend of the conference championships has changed to the upcoming Purdue/Notre Dame weekend.  More information and updates – if needed – will be sent to the conference email list.


Mountain Bike Season Planning

Planning for the mountain bike season has begun.  See the messages sent to the list for more information.


Lindenwood Crit Canceled!

The Lindenwood Criterium has been canceled due to the forecasted snow storm.  Racing will most likely be impossible and canceling early should allow everyone to travel home safely before the snow hits.


Cyclocross Nationals

Congratulations to all MWCCC riders who competed at this weekend’s cyclocross national championships in Wisconsin!  Highlighting the conference results was the D1 Women win by Kaitlin Antonneau of Marian who was joined on the podium by teammate Coryn Rivera.  In the D2 Men’s race, Casey Hildebrandt of Ripon and Michael Michetti of UW-Platteville finished in the top five.  In the D1 Men’s race, Joshua Johnson and Andrew Dillman – both Marian – placed in the top five also.  In the team omnium, Marian came out on top of the Division 1 teams and Lindenwood was fourth.


Full results are online for the collegiate races and team omniums.

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