The MWCCC is open to all USA Cycling registered clubs at schools in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin (clubs from other conferences are allowed to compete in our events but do not score points for season championships.) You can check if your school is already in the MWCCC at USA Cycling’s Club Search. (If the club status is expired you will need to renew the registration.)

Registration is for the calendar year (i.e. all registrations expire on December 31st.) Your club must be registered to compete!

You can get the registration forms from USA Cycling. We generally encourage registration and license purchases be done online, but you will still to send in the “Collegiate Supplement” by mail.

New clubs should look at USA Cycling’s guide for Starting a Collegiate Cycling Club, this also gives suggestions for developing existing clubs. Among the information is how new clubs can get their first year registration fee waived.

The quick steps to starting a club:

  1. Register with your school. This can be with the athletics department or (more often) as a student club.
  2. Register with USA Cycling (the forms are linked above.) You will need the school to sign off that you can compete (which is why you have step 1.)
  3. Figure out uniforms. USA Cycling rules prohibit using jersey or shorts from a non-collegiate team (even if you are a member of that team.) Also, the jersey must identify the school (and the school name or logo must be larger than any sponsorship.) You can use plain jersey and shorts and indicate the school on the jersey. There are a number of ways to do that รข marker, attaching a sticker, taking it to a t-shirt place, etc. There was once a nice guide to using a stencil and spray paint but the page is gone now. Of course, you can also get custom sublimated clothing which most teams do but is not required.

For clothing, it is worth noting that DNA Cycling ( is providing the conference with leader’s jerseys. They would be an excellent source for your team jerseys.