2020 Mountain Season Cancellation


Many universities are implementing plans for reopening fall semester of 2020, ranging from holding classes entirely online, to a hybrid model, to requiring daily health checks and just about every combination in between. Most are beginning early, with the aim of ending in person classes before the fall break in November. One of the main aims of most universities right now is limiting student travel, and thus limiting the potential for additional COVID-19 exposure to their students.

We in the collegiate cycling community must be aware of the risks that travelling to and from races imposes. With varying rates of COVID-19 around the Midwest and around the country as a whole, the risk of transmission remains too great. Thus, the 2020 MWCCC mountain bike season has been cancelled.

There does remain a possibility for events around our region to be held, if local guidelines can be followed safely. However, no event will be held for collegiate points this year, nor will any event be an official MWCCC event. Please do follow your university’s guidelines for travel before committing to any event, and respect all guidelines the promoters have in place.

Just because we won’t have racing this fall doesn’t mean it isn’t important to stay connected with the collegiate cycling community. This pandemic has kindled a growth in cycling as a whole, and I’m hoping this translates into increased interest within your university. Encourage these new riders to come out and ride (safely and following social distancing guidelines, of course). Support your local ride or race series, if you have one (again, following all guidelines). Host a socially-distanced bicycle maintenance clinic, or a virtual ride if your area is more restrictive.

We will get through this, and we will meet again on a starting line, but only when it is safe to do so.

See you all next spring (?),
Bryan Garfoot
MWCCC Conference Director

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