Team Omnium - Mountain

Team Omnium - Mountain

Club Division:
1. University of Louisville
2. Michigan Technological University
3. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Varsity Division:

1. Lindenwood University
2. Marian University
3. Ripon College

Individual Omnium - Mountain

Individual Omnium - Mountain

Club Division:
M: James Francisco (University of Louisville)

Varsity Division:
M: Byrne Dobrient (Lindenwood University)
W: Maddy Frank (Lindenwood University)

Upcoming Races/Events

Upcoming Races/Events

2019 Mountain Bike Season
Regionals - 10/5 - 10/6 - Lindenwood University
Nationals - 10/11-10/13 - Big Bear Lake, California

2018 MWCCC MTB Schedule

Greetings all, (after forgetting to put a subject on my last email, I’m trying not to make that mistake again!) Below are 2 proposed mountain schedules for the 2018 season. I need 1 person (coach or club president) to represent your school to vote on which schedule you vote for by emailing myself and Matt

Introduction of new Conference Director

Greetings all, Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Bryan Garfoot, and I will be your new MWCCC Conference Director, beginning after this 2018 Road Season.  Matt Jones will continue to be Conference Director through this road season. Thus, for all questions related to the 2018 Road season, Matt is still your primary contact.  Please


Please send me ( lists of team competing in the Time Trial this weekend to generate a start list. As normal I don’t need every riders name just the school name and category’s. please also note this doesn’t count as registration, just allows me to put you on the start list. Thanks.

2017 Cyclocross Race

MWCCC. The 2017 MWCCC CX race does not require that you participate at it but the top Riders will be given a call up at Collegiate Nationals. Per rule 7I10 you are still however required be a USAC Cat 3 in CX or a collegiate CX A Rider to compete at Nationals. This years event

2018 MWCCC Road Schedule

Please check your emails if you are a team coach/president and make sure that you place your vote on which schedule you wish to have for the 2018 MWCCC Road Season. If you are not on the conference email list please be sure to subscribe.!forum/mwccc

2017 MTB Nationals

If you feel that you are qualified for Nationals please email Matt Jones ( and provide a list of races that you competed in as an A. To compete in STXC/XC you must have done 3 endurance A races. To compete in DH you must have done 3 Gravity events with at least 2 being

Louisville MTB Races

Cardinal Cup weather and course update Mid-Day, Sept 1 Hurricane Harvey, which brought unprecedented amounts of rainfall throughout the southern region of the country, has hit the Ohio River valley. Forecasts are calling for up to 6″ of rain throughout Friday, Sept 1st. At the time of writing, the Cardinal Cup, with its Cross Country

2017 MTB Schedule

The 2017 MTB schedule has been sent out to be voted on. Please ensure that someone from your club/team votes on either schedule A or schedule B. If you are a club admin and are not subscribed to the MWCCC email list, please contact Matt Jones right away to get added. Thanks. Voting deadline is