The Obligatory COVID-19 Update

By now, you’ve probably seen nearly every event under the sun getting either canceled or postponed. And collegiate cycling is certainly no exception to this. In this update, I will attempt to clarify as much as I know to date. Keep in mind that the COVID-19 situation is ever changing as we continue to learn more information. I know this update might be kinda long, but please read through everything.

Upcoming road and BMX season races

Update 3/17/20: All remaining conference races this season have been canceled. We are currently assessing contingency plans for Collegiate Road Nationals, and I will contact individuals who have expressed interest in attending once there is a more concrete plan.

  • Bloomington this weekend, in case you missed the last update, is canceled.
  • The Tour of St. Louis is still on:
  • Continue to monitor this page, as that status may still change. With that said, I know many universities have travel restrictions currently in place. Please do not break these restrictions. Use your own discretion if you do decide to travel.
  • The Tour de Husker will have to be canceled, with the promoter looking to reschedule to sometime later in the summer. If you’re looking for a race to add to your summer race plan, do keep them in mind.
  • For those who do still want to travel on the March 28-29 weekend, the races at Milligan College are still slated to be on. Again, that may change, and please use your discretion if you do decide to travel, but more information on those races can be found here.
  • Collegiate BMX Nationals have been postponed from their April 4-5 date, with USA BMX looking to reschedule to a later date.
  • As for Marian and the Hillsdale/Michigan weekends, those events are still far enough out that many things can still change. Look for future updates on these events.

Conference Omniums

With so many universities moving to online classes and/or placing travel restrictions, it would not be fair to calculate omnium standings this year. Thus, I will neither be keeping track of team nor individual points. Any races that do happen will be at a discretionary/elective level.

“But Bryan,” you might ask, “how will I know if I’m qualified for Road Nats?” That’s a fantastic question, and one that I’ll answer in the next section.

Collegiate Road Nationals

As of writing, Collegiate Road Nationals are still on for May 8-10 in Augusta, GA. Due to many conferences having a shortened or cancelled road season, USA Cycling has greatly amended the eligibility requirements for Nationals. The full announcement of eligibility is below:

  • Schools that have either had their season cancelled or have 2 or less weekends of racing, must submit the names of their participants to their Conference Director for data collection.
  • Category A racers, having at least 1 race in the Category A (collegiate or domestic) within the last 12 months or who had competed in the 2019 Collegiate Road National Championships, are approved to participate.
  • Schools that have had the opportunity to race 3 or more weekends must have done  at least 1 conference event
  • If the schools (Club or Varsity) competed in the 2019 Collegiate Road National Championships they are automatically qualified to compete in 2020.
  • In the event of extenuating circumstances, where there are circumstances beyond the control of the school or the student athletes, USA Cycling in consultation with the CD’s will have the discretion to waive requirements and allow participation.
  • The list of qualified athletes and schools must be submitted to USA Cycling’s Director of National Events and USA Cycling’s Racing Operations Manager no later than April 18th.

With all that said, if you are a Category A racer or team who still intends to participate at Collegiate Nationals, please email me before April 13th so that I can get riders checked off before the 18th. I realize that this date comes when we might still have one weekend of racing left (after the 13th, that is). I’m leaning most heavily on the second bullet point above – riders must have done at least one A race in the last 12 months. If Hillsdale or Michigan would end up being your one race, please let me know.

For any B racers who were hoping to use this season to upgrade to A and still qualify for Nationals, please email me as well if you still wish to travel to Nationals. I won’t guarantee that I will approve every case, but I am at least willing to look at every situation. Keep in mind that racers in any category may compete in the team or individual time trial events.

In closing

I know that many of you were stoked for this road season, and it definitely sucks that the situation is what it is. However, public health must prevail in these extraordinary circumstances. If you still have any questions (and I’m sure there are many), please email me at or call/text me at (269) 267-4429. Remember, I’m pulling for ya – we’re all in this together.

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