2020 MWCCC Road Season Planning

Good morning all,
It’s time to begin planning for the 2020 MWCCC road season.  As in years past, interested race directors will need to fill out a bid form, found below, and fill out our planning spreadsheet.
The bid form can be found here.

The planning spreadsheet can be found here.

Please enter your contact information on your desired weekends, listing out your first, second, and possibly third choice of weekends.
Biggest thing this year – I’d definitely like to get more involved with existing domestic series/racers. At a bare minimum, this will mean offering P/!/2/3 fields alongside the Men’s and Women’s A fields, in order to offer up better competition for those planning for nationals. If your bid is accepted, I will be working with you to determine the best way to offer this for your specific event.
Please fill out and return the bid forms no later than October 11th. Late submissions may be considered (with good reason), but my aim is to have the schedule voted on and approved by October 18th.
If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

Bryan Garfoot

MWCCC Conference Director


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