Nationals Qualified Riders

The Following riders are qualified for the 2018 Collegiate Road Nationals. Please let Either Matt or Bryan know if you do not intend to use your start spots. Thanks and best of luck at Nationals.

Pratt Anthony University of Notre Dame D1 *
Uberti Christopher University of Cincinnati D1 *
Arden Theo Lawrence University D2 *
McLoughlin Ryan University of Michigan-Ann Arbor D1 *
Maddock Jim Northwestern University D1 *
Tokarczyk Daniel University of Cincinnati D1 *
Pratt John University of Notre Dame D1 *
Barrera Duran Abel Indiana University-Bloomington D1 *
Schmidt Cameron Case Western Reserve University D1 *
Hansen Jacob Indiana University-Bloomington D1 *


234 Zacks Gabrielle University of Michigan-Ann Arbor D1 *
244 Dreyer Emily Ohio State University D1 *

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