License Renewals

2019 is upon us, and with that, it is time to start getting ready for road season.  While many of you are pounding away miles on a trainer, and some of you might be journeying to places warmer that the midwest, don’t forget to renew your licenses.
Club Renewal
The club contact for each club (usually the president) should have a link under their USA Cycling account to review and renew the club’s membership.  If you do not see this link, or if you want to just do things by mail, you can also use the paper application.  Either way you choose to do it, don’t forget to also turn in the club eligibility form.
To monitor the status of each club’s renewal, I have updated the teams page on the MWCCC site, available here.  Green means you are good to go for 2019, Red means your club hasn’t yet renewed.  There are a number of clubs whose membership expires 1/31/2019.  I have delineated those with an orange Exp soon tag.  I will attempt to keep this page reasonably up to date as we move towards the season. 
License Renewal
Once your club has renewed, please have all of your riders renew their licenses as well.  If anyone needs to submit an upgrade request, now would be a fantastic time to do so, so that I don’t get slammed with requests a few days before the season.
A reminder that USA Cycling does require the annual license form to be signed, and that your license will show as pending until such time that you do.  There are quite a few pending riders right now (likely due to club renewals), but as we move closer to the season, I will be notifying riders who still show as pending.  Anyone who does show as pending will NOT be allowed to race until this is taken care of.

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