Introduction of new Conference Director

Greetings all,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bryan Garfoot, and I will be your new MWCCC Conference Director, beginning after this 2018 Road Season. Matt Jones will continue to be Conference Director through this road season.
Thus, for all questions related to the 2018 Road season, Matt is still your primary contact. Please copy me as well, as it will help ease the transition. Additionally, Marcie Weiss ( is coming on as our Road Season Coordinator. Copy her as well on any questions you have.
For all questions beyond road season (mountain, cyclocross, track, etc.), I will be your primary contact. Copy Matt as well, again to help ease the transition.
A bit about my background: I currently live in Kalamazoo, MI, where I have been a USA Cycling official for the past 4 seasons (going on 5). I was a racer in the MWCCC (back…several years ago), first for Michigan Tech (mountain), and then for Northwestern (road). I currently serve on the MWCCC board, a position which I will be stepping down from to become conference director. The board remains in place, and can be reached at
I hope to get to meet as many of you as I can during this road season, and I look forward to working with you all going forward. My plan is to be at every race starting with the Louisville weekend, so look for me there. You can also feel free to give me a call if you wish.
Bryan Garfoot
(incoming) MWCCC Conference Director

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