Nationals Qualifications

The following Male Riders are qualified for Nationals. If you intend to attend Nationals please let Matt Jones know asap so you can be marked in the system.

Andrew Giniat – Depaul University RR/Cr

Justin Miller – Purdue University RR/Cr

Frankie Gonzalez – Ohio State RR/Cr

Lucas Kalbfell – Indiana University RR/Cr

Jakab Laszalo – University of Chicago RR/Cr

Jacob Shupe – Purdue University RR/Cr

The Following are eligible for the RR only unless a Crit spot opens:

Ezra Sonderling – The College of Wooster

Luke Russel – Ohio State

Jim Maddock – Northwestern

Ben King – Louisville

Reid Wilson – Indiana University

Thomas Torbik – Indiana University


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