2017 Road Season Coming up!


We are coming up on the start of the 20117 Road Season. Some of you may have noticed an addition to the schedule at Louisville. This is not a typo. We are looking to expand the Women’s racing scene in the MWCCC by adding not only a Women’s C field (Crit races only for 2017) but also at Case Western, and Michigan the MWCCC will be hosting a FREE Beginning Rider Program for any Cat 5 riders. These clinics will be run by a licensed instructor with a 30 minute clinic off course and a 30 min on course clinic. The idea is to use what you learn in these clinics in the Mens D and Womens B/C crit later that day. We are hoping to expand this program in 2018 with clinics offered at all Crit races for Cat 5 riders.

In the event that there is not sufficient numbers in Pre-registration for the Women’s C crits I will send out an announcement Friday morning notifying the conference that the Women’s C Race will be run with the Women’s B race (as in the past) but will be scored separate. Depending on the promoters decision all races after this may be pushed up to prevent gaps in the schedule unless the promoter decides to offer this as an open course time.

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