2016 MTB Nationals Notes

First off I want to thank everyone that participated this season. Congrats to our Club Team omnium champions University of Wisconsin-Madison and Varsity Champions Marian University.

The MWCCC is awarded 17 start spots for Club members (ie. Not Marian, Lindenwood or Ripon) in the STXC/XC events at Nationals and I am currently only showing 13 riders eligible in the mens and 3 Womens A (Ie. started 3 A events and scored 1 point). If you are wishing to compete at Nationals please let me know as soon as possible so I can either mark you eligible to register.
If you wish to compete in DS/DH at Nationals you need to let me know what gravity events you competed in this year. Please note that to compete in DH you must have done at least 3 A gravity events with 2 of them being DH.

Again thanks to everyone that competed this season and I should have final standings up tomorrow.

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