Call for MWCCC Board Members

Hello Everyone,

For those of you who attended the 2016 Spring conference at the Purdue University race you may remember that we are in the process of incorporating each of the collegiate cycling conferences, including the MWCCC.

For those of you that didn’t we are incorporating the MWCCC and beginning that process this summer. This will provide us with a structure for getting more people involved and allow us to raise the quality of events, reduce the burdens on students and quite simply do more as a conference.

Right now we are looking for people in the Midwest region who would want to be board members and help provide a long term vision for the conference. This could be local alumni, coaches, officials or anyone with a passion for collegiate cycling – they just can’t be current students as we will have elections for those positions later this year.

Please send this along to anyone you think might be interested or who could help take the conference to the next level. Potential board members can email me for more information and to be considered for the role. Our goal is to announce the initial board mid to late June.

If you or anyone you know is/might be interested please contact Emily Palmer (

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