Cyclocross 2013

Season Standings

Date Host Series Info/Reg Results
November 9 Wisconsin WCA Flyer/Reg All
November 10 Ripon WCA Flyer/Reg All
November 16 Purdue/MWCCC Chicago Cross Cup Flyer/Reg All
November 17 Purdue MWCCC-only Flyer All
November 24 Marian OVCX Reg All
December 7 Ohio Dominican Cap City Cross (but collegiate-only events) Flyer/Reg All
January 8-12 Boulder, CO Website

Note that for races part of a series, if you want to be part of the results for both the collegiate and non-collegiate events, you must register for both even for races that start together (including paying both entry fees where applicable.) You also must race in your collegiate jersey.