Nationals Qualified Riders

The Following riders are qualified for the 2018 Collegiate Road Nationals. Please let Either Matt or Bryan know if you do not intend to use your start spots. Thanks and best of luck at Nationals. Pratt Anthony University of Notre Dame D1 * Uberti Christopher University of Cincinnati D1 * Arden Theo Lawrence University D2


Please send me ( lists of team competing in the Time Trial this weekend to generate a start list. As normal I don’t need every riders name just the school name and category’s. please also note this doesn’t count as registration, just allows me to put you on the start list. Thanks.

2018 MWCCC Road Schedule

Please check your emails if you are a team coach/president and make sure that you place your vote on which schedule you wish to have for the 2018 MWCCC Road Season. If you are not on the conference email list please be sure to subscribe.!forum/mwccc

Nationals Qualifications

The following Male Riders are qualified for Nationals. If you intend to attend Nationals please let Matt Jones know asap so you can be marked in the system. Andrew Giniat – Depaul University RR/Cr Justin Miller – Purdue University RR/Cr Frankie Gonzalez – Ohio State RR/Cr Lucas Kalbfell – Indiana University RR/Cr Jakab Laszalo –

2017 Road Nationals Allocations

The MWCCC is granted the following start spots for Road Nationals. 22 RR and 13 Crit for Club riders   Conference Champion will get max team spots (6 RR/4 Cr) Second Place Team will get 5 RR and 4 Crit, 3rd Place Team will get 4 RR and 3 Crit, Top 2 Individuals not on

2017 Road Season Coming up!

MWCCC, We are coming up on the start of the 20117 Road Season. Some of you may have noticed an addition to the schedule at Louisville. This is not a typo. We are looking to expand the Women’s racing scene in the MWCCC by adding not only a Women’s C field (Crit races only for

Nationals Qualifications Updates

The following individuals are now qualified due to openings: Justin Miller (Purdue University) RR and Cr Anthony Vicino (Indiana University) RR and Cr Brett Bedow (Wayne State University) RR and Cr Daniel Noboa (Illinois) RR and Cr Steven Gordon (Kentucky) RR and Cr Michael Keller (Illinois) RR and Cr Brian Poel (Michigan State) RR and